Not just your leather backpack

Throughout our lives, there are some essential products that, without even realizing, we carry with us for life. A backpack is one of these products; it is an accessory that accompanies us in all the stages of our lives, starting from our initial years at school, passing through our adolescence and university. Let’s not forget the importance of backpacks when traveling, keeping all of our goods and our memories safe. Our luxury leather backpacks are the perfect custodians for your moments and possessions, and will make you look effortlessly classy, either when you walk into that meeting in the office or you’re out on the road. Perfect marriage between innovation and tradition, our leather backpacks are engineered to be organized, and quickly available when needed, and safeguard your most precious items with invisible zip pockets. We also offer elegant and essential office wear: take a look at the Pineider collection of desk accessories and document holders that will ensure you never forget an important file again. If you are looking for the perfect leather laptop backpack explore our selection of briefcases that will make your commute to work all that more comfortable and stylish.

Only high-quality Italian leather

We are very proud of the Italian heritage our luxury backpacks carry; it is an incredible feature because it is synonymous with the quality and attention to detail we offer. What distinguishes our Italian luxury leather bags from other leather bags is the quality of materials, the beautiful designs, and the careful craftsmanship that leads to elegance and resistance. Pineider has always been a promoter of Italian leather, from stationery to leather goods produced with the best materials and techniques. The rigorous attention to detail, the techniques that the artisans have developed over time, and the innovation in the wake of tradition guarantees that the result will be an excellent product. Buying a Pineider leather backpack promotes these values ​​of safeguarding tradition, whilst maintaining a modern look on your many adventures. Your leather backpack will be your everyday companion in the years to come: why not complement your lifestyle with other accessories such as card holders and wallets? Just be ready for attention and admiration, as you’re sure to turn heads with Pineider leather by your side.

A leather backpack is forever

A leather backpack is a classic and timeless piece that you can comfortably buy and never worry about it going out of style. However, from the moment they are carefully and beautifully crafted until they finally arrive in your arms, our luxury leather backpacks need to be cared for properly to ensure your leather backpack lasts forever.

How to care for your leather backpack

If you want your leather goods to last for a lifetime, you will only need to follow a few simple rules in order to avoid damage to your Italian leather backpacks. Firstly, you should remember that leather, much like skin, stretches.Thus, in order to preserve the original silhouette, you must avoid overfilling your leather backpack. This is why, to cater to all your needs, Pineider offers you a wide range of luxury backpack styles, sizes, and colors that will best suit your journey. Make sure to choose the best size for your needs, and enjoy timeless class. When it comes to protecting your leather backpack from rain, simply remember to always use an umbrella for coverage, as wet leather will require extra care. However, our leather backpacks are waterproof; your belongings will stay dry at all times inside our products. You can also protect your leather backpacks by storing them in an ideal manner. For instance, if you store leather away from direct sunlight, you will avoid fading, and by simply using a dust bag you can prevent scratches and cracks. Therefore do not worry; your treasured leather backpack will look beautiful for decades.

Are leather backpacks durable?

There are a plethora of reasons for purchasing a reliable leather backpack, in fact, one of the best advantages of owning one is its durability. Italian leather backpacks are sturdy and strong, they will allow you to have a stylish balance between elegance and functionality. Pineider’s luxury backpacks are crafted with extremely durable materials that can resist for decades any wear and tear. Our high-quality products are more than capable of carrying all your essentials without breaking. Due to their durability, they are ideal for difficult travel conditions. Leather backpacks are arguably stronger than regular travel backpacks and may even be more practical and comfortable whilst still maintaining style and a touch of class. This should make it easier for you to choose the best leather bag for your laptop.

Class that never gets old

Leather backpacks are timeless and classic pieces that everyone must have in their wardrobe. Has there ever been a time when they were out of style?. Italian leather backpacks are extremely versatile and can easily be used for any occasion and help you carry everything you need. Choose the best product for your needs; take a look at the Pineider collection, boasting the best quality backpacks, made with craft by the most skilled Italian artisans.Like what you see? Why not check out our timeless leather goods to pair with our leather backpack.