Pineider accessories make your home and office unique

Pineider’s home and office accessories meet everyone's needs, allowing you to customize your spaces uniquely and effectively. To better organize your writing instruments on the most spacious desks, Pineider has designed elegant soft leather boxes. However, for those who divide their time between the home desk and the office, the collection of leather pen cases in different shapes and sizes is ideal. Personalize your desk with various classy accessories: starting with a personalized wax seal, passing through an elegant magnifying glass and letter opener, up to a refined leather letter rack to sort your correspondence. In addition, you can protect your desk from stains and scratches with a Pineider leather desk pad, which will guarantee you a comfortable writing surface. Keep your items tidy and safe at home in classy watch cases or jewelry boxes, elegant boxes or practical valet trays. Pineider has a luxury solution for all your needs, at home and in the office.

Pens, watches and jewelry boxes

If you are a collector, you know how much care and time it takes to keep your selection of pens, jewelry or watches always perfect. You need to protect your collection from dust, signs of aging and unforeseen event that could damage it. It is also essential to place your collection under the spotlight, where it can be admired in all its splendor. Pineider has designed exquisite pen, watch, and boxes to hold all your favorite collections. Arrange your watches in the Pineider Passion Box Watch Case, in soft calfskin with suede lining, capable of holding up to 14 watches and equipped with a removable pouch to carry your favorite watches always with you. The Passion Box Jewel Case is the perfect ally to protect all your precious jewels if you love precious items. If, on the other hand, pens are your passion, the Passion Box Pen Holder is the perfect case to hold all your precious writing instruments. Pineider has a range of handcrafted leather boxes for every collector.

Pineider desk accessories

The desk is where you spend most of your time. For this reason, it must be tidy, functional, elegant, and it needs to reflect your personality. If you are a professional and receive clients in your studio, your desk should immediately communicate professionalism and authority to those who enter the room. Pineider’s desk accessories are the touch of class that will allow you to organize your desk in the best possible way, and communicate your professionalism to your customers with a single glance. Discover the magnifying glass and letter opener set, the practical letter racks and desk notepad. The personalised wax seal stamp with two sealing wax sticks and wood casewax will be a perfect companion for those who do not want to give up an aura of timeless class. Handing a business card will be a different experience if the cards are stored in a leather business card holder. Your desk will reach a new level of luxury and elegance with Pineider office accessories.