“I had reached that level of emotion where the celestial sensations given by the arts and passionate feelings meet. Coming out of Santa Croce, I had a heartbeat, life for me had dried up, I was walking fearing I would fall ” Stendhal was delighted after visiting Florence.
We know that feeling very well. We were born in Florence and our boutique in Piazza della Signoria was a fundamental stop for Napoleon, Lord Byron and Stendhal himself. Our products are born from this refined taste, which embraces modern creativity, the passion for craftsmanship and Italian quality that lives within us. A discreet luxury, rich in knowledge, just like every traveler who widens his eyes in front of the beauty of the places discovered during a trip.

Travel exploring the world allows us to renew our gaze, to fill our hearts with beauty and learn to be happy by returning to where we started. This small selection of Pineider items is a tribute to the Made in Italy travel. A journey that we love and we choose day after the day.

Writing Instruments:

History, a whispered chorus of pens that sing the time on pages and sheets, an ancient ballet of letters directed by punctuation: words that stop for a question and then start again with the renewed confidence of a capital letter, words that linger for a comma, words that after a break are thrown into the abyss of their tomorrow. A journey of words that is told through time.
All Pineider writing instruments are made with the best and most innovative materials, according to the highest standards of Italian craftsmanship. Assembled by hand, all pens come with a quill pen engraved on their clips. And with the Twist Magnetic Lock, a sophisticated Pineider pen locking system capable of combining the pleasantness of a screw closure with the ease of a magnetic closure, using these tools on your travels becomes an indelible experience.

Bespoke Stationery:

The story begins with the first written word, and ends with a blank sheet of paper. History begins with the ambition that differentiates our species from all the others: to last beyond ourselves. Writing is an beyond in alphanumeric format that finds its poetry in everyday travel.
Pineider's is the history of Italian "luxury" stationery. Our products have always stood out for the use of precious natural materials and for the use of traditional Florentine craft techniques.
Discover the sets of notepaper, cards, courtesy and thank you cards made in Italy. Or choose the agenda to plan and tell your travels.

Leather goods:

The story begins with the essential but develops in the details. The journey teaches us that accessories are not to be underestimated, that sometimes the essence is hidden in the folds of the details. Perfection remains in the eyes of those who can observe for a long time the beauty of a completed journey.
In the timeless style of the finest Florentine leathers, our artisans leave the fingerprints of the human personality.
Discover the rich family of Pineider accessories for travel, a combination of modernity and tradition, where the most ancient production techniques in the field of handcrafted leather goods are put at the service of design, functionality and innovation.