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Pineider X Carolina Bucci

A Tribute to Timeless Craftsmanship

Welcome to the exclusive world of Pineider X Carolina Bucci, where Florentine artisan tradition meets timeless luxury.

We present a collaboration born in the heart of Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance and a forge of ancient crafts, projected towards the embrace of the international world.

The Boundless Elegance of Two Unique Jewelry Boxes

Every Pineider X Carolina Bucci creation is a journey into artisanal mastery, a hymn to the wisdom of Florentine craftsmen who, with skilled hands, bring to life objects of immeasurable value and beauty.

Jewellery Box - The Guardian of Your Treasures

The Pineider X Carolina Bucci jewelry box is more than just a container; it is a sanctuary dedicated to your most precious pieces.

Wrapped in top-choice brown calfskin and embellished with a blue velvet lining, this chest has been designed to enhance and protect your collection.

Equipped with two drawers and three removable trays, it perfectly organizes watches, bracelets, rings, and precious items. A travel case in velvet and an integrated mirror complete its design, making it the ideal companion for your most elegant travels.


Safe Book - The Beauty of Hiding

Elevate the custody of your valuables with the Pineider x Carolina Bucci "Safe Book," a paragon of refinement and cunning.

This luxury item skillfully disguises itself as an ancient tome, concealing an intimate secret vault for your dearest jewelry.

Made to be displayed casually, this chest hides within it a protected compartment, wrapped in prestigious blue velvet, offering a safe and yet elegant refuge for your treasures.


Lucky Stationery Set – A Tribute to Words

Sending a handwritten note is a gesture of timeless elegance, a personal luxury that touches the heart. To perpetuate this tradition of exquisite correspondence, Pineider, the emblem of Florentine paper art, has created a refined set of 8 "Lucky" cards and matching envelopes. Each card is inspired by the talismans of Carolina Bucci's original "8 Lucky" bracelets, those iconic jewels that twenty years ago gave life to the prestigious brand.

Seal your most heartfelt wishes with a desire for Love, Health, Happiness, Travel, Protection, Friendship, Super Luck destined for the people closest to you. Celebrate the art of writing with Pineider.