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Charles Jeffrey X Pineider



In English: The Charles Jeffrey X Pineider "Big Beastie" collection is now available online, offering a unique opportunity to own super exclusive pieces, signed by designer Charles Jeffrey and in Limited Edition.

Charles Jefrrey x Pineider

Discover "Big Beastie," the multifaceted and multi-eyed creature leading Pineider into the visionary realm of Charles Jeffrey, the iconic Scottish fashion designer. This special collaboration is a celebration of boundless creativity, where bold illustrations and vibrant colors blend in an expression of fashion, art, and craftsmanship.

The Synergy between Anarchy and Elegance

Charles Jeffrey, the creative mind, joins forces with Pineider in an extraordinary union between his rebellious aesthetic and the refined craftsmanship of luxury leather goods. This collaboration pays homage to the impact of Milan on the designer: extravagantly shaped creatures, with many eyes symbolizing the deepest desires of the human soul, mix with monstrous expressions and wide-open mouths evoking the most hidden passions. Each piece of the collection is embellished with Charles Jeffrey's personal touch, including those unique imperfections that testify to its artistic authenticity.

A Collection that Transcends the Boundaries of the Ordinary

The collection includes Business Duffles, Crossbody Bags, Pouches, Notebooks, Business Card Holders, and Passport Holders, presented in colors such as bottled green and Mini-Franzi black. Each piece reflects the eccentric design and distinctive details of Charles Jeffrey's creative project, always highlighting Pineider's high-quality craftsmanship.

These products are not merely accessories, but living canvases to express one's personal identity.



A Transformative Luxury Experience

We invite our esteemed clientele to explore this exclusive collection, a journey through art and elegance that transcends the ordinary. Charles Jeffrey x Pineider is not merely a collaboration; it is a bridge between worlds, a dialogue between tradition and innovation, an expression of luxury with soul and history.

About Charles Jeffrey

Charles Jeffrey, the creative director and Scottish designer based in the historic Somerset House in London, has become a significant figure in the fashion industry. Starting from his bedroom in East London, Charles has now achieved international success, known for his innovative and avant-garde designs. His work is a fusion of Scottish folklore elements with the vibrant queer nightlife and music scenes of London, creating a unique tapestry that speaks to a diverse audience.

Deeply inspired by the intrinsic magic of queerness, Charles creates dream-like landscapes in fashion, continuously adding new dimensions to his narrative each season. His designs are permeated with a radical sensibility, emphasizing inclusivity and freedom of expression. Drawing on art, music, and unconventional sources of queer joy, he brings a renewed connection with nature, the body, and notions of queer well-being into his creative process.

In a meaningful collaboration with the esteemed Italian leather goods company Pineider, Charles has brought his unique and anarchic British sensibility to a new audience. This partnership highlights his affinity with Milan and its people, marking a continual expansion of his brand's message. Every design in this collaboration springs from Charles's hand, with whimsical and personal touches such as the "big beast" print, a testament to his artistic authenticity. This venture not only aligns with a prestigious brand but also aims to engage a diverse clientele, from Pineider's classic enthusiasts to a younger, more playful group.

About Pineider

Pineider was established in 1774 in Florence by Francesco Pineider, a visionary determined to create sophisticated, artisanal, and high-quality products aimed at the great writers, intellectuals, and politicians of the time. For this purpose, he chose Piazza della Signoria in Florence, one of the most coveted cultural centers in Italy at the time, to open his first store.

Over time, the success of this small manufacturing business grew exponentially. Its clientele included the likes of Stendhal, Napoleon, Lord Byron, and many others. The passing years have only strengthened this contemporary vision, making it international as well.

Large and small leather goods, writing instruments, luxury stationery, and personalized paper are the pillars on which the company is founded. Acquired in 2017 by the Rovagnati family, today, 250 years since the opening of the first boutique in Florence, the Pineider brand continues in the prestigious Florentine setting of Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli, complemented by stores in Rome, Milan, New York, and London.